Harmony Yoga:  Body, Mind & Soul - Find your inner peace and harmony

Class Descriptions:
Beginner Level
This class is a great place to start your yoga journey.  Poses are broken down with greater attention to alignment of the body as you become familiar with the poses.  Breathing techniques are also taught and integrated into the practice to enhance your body awareness.  Lots of modifications are offered.  This class will expose you to hatha, vinyasa flow, and meditative movement for a well-rounded yoga experience. 

Vinyasa Flow:
Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word meaning “to place in a special way.”  Poses (asanas) are connected in a flowing manner.  These classes begin with breathwork and warm-ups, move into sun salutations, build to Warrior poses, balances, deeper stretches and end in final relaxation (savasana). 
Mixed Level
The instructor of these 75 minute classes will sequence the class based on requests and needs – giving you a work out that will increase your flexibility, balance, strength,  and focus.  Classes will most often be centered around an area of the body in particular, such as the hips or shoulders or may build towards a more challenging pose or balance.   The perfect way to begin or end the day and reduce the stress in your life. 

Intermediate Level
The pace of this class will “kick it up a notch” with less instructional cueing and quicker flows.  More challenging poses will be introduced.

Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga is a complimentary yoga practice to your Hatha, Vinyasa, and restorative yoga practice. While Hatha Yoga strengthens the muscles, Yin Yoga strengthens the connective tissues and joints in the body.  Most yin yoga poses are done on the floor making this an accessible yoga practice.  Yin yoga poses are held for a couple of minutes allowing for a relaxed and meditative practice.

Come start your day with a yoga practice that will leave you feeling ready to tackle challenges in your life.   This class is appropriate for all levels with modifications as needed but a familiarity with the poses is recommended. 
This is a perfect introduction to yoga or a more deeply relaxing practice for experienced yogis.  The combination of  breathing, slower moving poses, and restorative poses (stretching the muscles and connective tissue while in supported positions)  is taught to increase your range of motion in the joints and help strengthen your body.  Special attention is given to posture and the back  as we work on proper alignment – a great class for those recovering from an injury, those having osteoporosis, or with more limited mobility.   Sleep better after this class.

Gentle Flow
An hour class where poses will be used in gentle, flowing sequences to relax, destress and nurture your body.  

Stretch, Relax & Renew:
If you need to unwind at the end of a busy day but still feel like you are getting full body stretches to achieve greater flexibility, then this is a good choice for you.  Feel like a new person when you leave this slower paced class that focuses on holding poses longer and achieving greater relaxation. See how yoga can help you sleep better!  This is the perfect class for those needing a more gentle class with adaptations for physical needs and limitations offered.   

Strengthen and Tone
This class has a greater emphasis on using the core muscles as we hold poses longer and are challenged to go a little deeper.   Increasing flexibility, toning of the body and building muscle definition are  the focus.  The use of light weights may be a part of these classes. 

“55 and Better” Yoga:  Tuesdays & Thursdays, 1-2:00
This class is for those seniors 55 and up who wish to practice in an age-friendly environment.   Starting in a chair we do lots of stretching and strengthening.  We then move to standing behind the chair and using it for support as we continue with poses.  A wonderful relaxation concludes each class.  This class is perfect for arthritis, osteoporosis, people with knee, hip, or shoulder replacements and any other physical limitations.   Experience yoga without the concern of "not being able to keep up with others." 

Come join Karen Cline as she leads the class through multiple meditation techniques, including mindful breathing, guided visualizations, yoga nidra, loving-kindness, walking meditation and body scans.   Meditation and Mindfulness may reduce stress hormones, lower blood pressure and heart rate, and provide for better sleep while allowing us to become more present in each moment.  Learn techniques to deal with anxiety, stress, anger, "monkey mind'.    Tips on developing and continuing your home practice will also be provided.  Come together as a community to practice meditation and mindfulness.

Active Flow
This is the perfect class for those students who have a solid foundation of yoga poses.  It is for the student who wants a little more active flow and strengthening muscle tone.  As students practice yoga in a more active flow, they will find their tension is released and their mind is calmed through breathwork.  And a bonus - they feel like they received a little more of a workout.

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