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Dear Harmony Yoga students,

I want everyone to know that my instructors and I are following the guidelines and protocols recommended by Governor DeWine to keep everyone safe while we navigate through this pandemic. 
In keeping with this I would like to share some changes that will be in place and quote directly from the coronavirus.oh.gov website (click on “Sector Specific Operating Requirements” and then gyms under “Primary Sector” where you can find the full report. Here are the applicable statements (in bold) and how I am going to comply:
For class settings, set up work areas before arrival of students, allowing at least a six foot radius around users.
·      I have tape marked on the carpet for the placement of your mat and/or chair. 
Remove excess seating throughout the facility to discourage lingering.
·      I removed the benches in the front of the studio and have one chair for those who need it to remove footwear and two stools. Students are encouraged to exit after class without lingering. 
Reduce class sizes, if necessary, to accommodate the required six feet of social distancing.
·      With the new configuration of the studio, nine students plus an instructor will be able to be in the studio at any one time.
Eliminate lost and founds.
·     Anything left behind after a class will be removed unless the owner is known and is contacted to come get the item.
Hand washing or sanitization upon entry to facility; Use sanitizer products that meet the CDC guidelines; Have sanitizer available throughout the facility for employees and members/clients.
·      There is a sanitation station set up by the front door.  Students and instructors are required to use this as they enter and encouraged to do so as they exit.
Provide cleaning products, EPA-approved disinfectants or disinfecting wipes for sanitizing equipment before and after use by clients, with equipment cleaning backed up by employees.
Encourage members/clients to bring their own mats, bands, and/or equipment, when appropriate.
·      Students are expected to bring their own mats and props.  Disinfecting wipes and/or sprays are available.
·      Chairs used for the chair classes are wiped down by students.
Routine disinfection of high-contact surfaces, restrooms. . .
·      Surfaces are wiped off after each class.  The restroom, if used is wiped down.
Deep cleaning after hours
·      Carpet is sprayed with Lysol after each class and vacuumed routinely.
·      Please note: Heppa air filters were installed in the heating/air conditioning unit
If possible, prop doors open to avoid contact.
·     Weather permitting this is done at the beginning and end of each class – however, to maintain a safe environment, the door is shut and locked during class.
Encourage employees to take their temperature and perform a self-assessment and not report to work if they are ill or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.
Businesses must require all employees to wear facial coverings,
·     In addition it is up to the owner to decide on masks for those who enter the place of business. In order to provide the same respect and safe-keeping for my instructors and my students I will be requiring face masks for everyone, with the option of a few classes where masks are optional once on your mat and while in the outdoor classes.  Please provide your own but I do have some available.
Members/clients must conduct self-assessment and not enter a facility if they are exhibiting symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19.
When participating in class training, do not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to class.
·      As you enter the studio please maintain social distancing.
·      If there is a class before yours, do not enter the studio until all of those students have exited.
Please note: since we will not be providing props, those racks have been moved to the room in the back. Not only did this provide more space for students to place their mats, it also makes it easier to enter and exit the studio while maintaining the appropriate social distancing.
No socializing
·      I know that this will be a hard one – especially for me! I do request that we try to limit this to outside – and for your safety again maintaining distance. 
Maintain six foot social distancing, except when instruction requires close interaction with instructor/ coach.
·      I must say that this was a bit confusing for me – although I interpreted it to mean an instructor interacting with one student, not a whole class
Partners exercising together and sharing equipment must maintain group segmentation from others exercising.
·     Since I do have some couples or family members coming to class together, the 6’ apart would not apply but being 6’ from others will be required still.
In addition, here are a few more things:
  • If you are experiencing any of the signs of the virus: flu-like symptoms, sore or scratchy throat, runny nose, fever, loss of sense of smell or taste, or coughing, please stay home!
  • If you have possibly been exposed to the virus, stay home.
  • If you have a compromised immune system, be safe and stay home.
  • Take shoes off immediately upon entering and keep those, a purse, and any outer wear in a compartment in the bookcase in the front of the studio
  • No eye pillows will be used – I have many to sell at $15 each that you can bring and use
  • Mats and blocks will be available for sale
I know that this is a lot to digest but if we all work together to keep things safe at the studio and in our larger community, hopefully it will pay off in the end and we will be able to return to less restrictions. I truly do miss seeing all of you and look forward to the reopening! If you are not comfortable with taking classes at this time I will keep my video recorded classes on my Facebook page for you to keep up with your practice at home.  Feel free to call me if you have any questions. 

Let’s look ahead to greater peace and harmony for everyone! 


Your very first class at the studio is just $5.00 or free if you purchase one of the passes.

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