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Class Descriptions:

Yoga Basics

This class is a great place to start your yoga journey. Poses are broken down with greater attention to alignment of the body as you become familiar with the poses. Breathing techniques are also taught and integrated into the practice to enhance your body awareness. Lots of modifications are offered. This class will expose you to hatha, vinyasa flow, and meditative movement for a well-rounded yoga experience.


Guided Vinyasa Flow:

Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word meaning “to place in a special way.” Poses (asanas) are connected in a flowing manner. These classes begin with breathwork and warm-ups, move into sun salutations, build to Warrior poses, balances, deeper stretches and end in final relaxation (savasana).



Mixed Level

The instructor will sequence the class based on requests and needs – giving you a work out that will increase your flexibility, balance, strength, and focus. Classes will most often be centered around an area of the body in particular, such as the hips or shoulders or may build towards a more challenging pose or balance. The perfect way to begin or end the day and reduce the stress in your life.

Stretch and Tone

In this morning class you will wake up your body with gentle stretching and then tone your body with yoga postures.  Optional free weights, bands and yoga straps will be used to assist in toning your muscles.  On most mornings we will focus on one or two body parts (i.e., arms, hips, back, core and legs) and then sometimes we will do an all over the body workout.  You will leave the class feeling vibrant and ready to take on your day!”




This is a perfect introduction to yoga or a more deeply relaxing practice for experienced yogis. The combination of breathing, slower moving poses, and restorative poses (stretching the muscles and connective tissue while in supported positions) is taught to increase your range of motion in the joints and help strengthen your body. Special attention is given to posture and the back as we work on proper alignment – a great class for those recovering from an injury, those having osteoporosis, or with more limited mobility. Sleep better after this class.


Gentle Flow

Experience a gentle approach to yoga postures in flowing sequences that stretch the muscles and deeply relax the nervous system. De-stress and nurture your body, moving at a slower pace in a peaceful environment matching movement with breath.


Relax, Restore & Renew:

Start your day with full body stretches to achieve greater flexibility. Feel like a new person when you leave this slower paced class that focuses on holding poses longer and achieving greater relaxation. See how yoga can help you to feel wonderful the rest of the day! This is the perfect class for those needing a more gentle class with adaptations for physical needs and limitations offered. Blocks are needed for this "Yin" style yoga class.


Strengthen & Tone

A powerful and energetic class moving at a slightly faster rhythm. Fluidly transitioning from one pose to the next while connecting breath to movement, the class will focus on building strength using weights and repetitions.


Core Beginnings

Are you looking to strengthen the lower half of your body? A strong core includes our back, glutes, hips, legs, and abdominals. Let's discover our strength in mind, body, and soul together on Fridays at 5:30 AM for Good morning Abs! We will begin with a dynamic warm up to build heat and increase heart rate. Moving right into bursts of intense movements to build and envigorate our core. Finally, we will wind down through guided meditation in Shavasana.



A strong, Vinyasa based class that explores strength enhancing, core building, and stress reducing movement.  The physical practice works to open challenging areas of the body and support areas of natural strength.  Breathing and relaxation techniques promote energy, stamina and stress reduction.  An excellent compliment to any work out routine.  All levels welcome!


“55 +” Chair & Gentle Flow

This class is for those seniors 55 and up who wish to practice in an age-friendly environment. Other students recovering from surgeries or who have other needs that would be supported by a chair are welcome to attend. Starting in a chair we do lots of stretching and strengthening. We then move to standing behind the chair and using it for support as we continue with poses. A wonderful relaxation concludes each class. This class is perfect for arthritis, osteoporosis, people with knee, hip, or shoulder replacements and any other physical limitations. Experience yoga without the concern of "not being able to keep up with others."


Teen Vibe

This class is for students in Grades 6th-12th. You will find balance, flexibility, and endurance with longer holds of asanas. As a teen yogi, you will transform your self-confidence through development of relaxation techniques and meditation leading to improved concentration through deep breathing exercises.  You will leave the class feeling energized while calming your mind, giving you a fresh, positive outlook on life. Through consistent practice you will gain a strong sense of self-worth that comes from emotional and physical wellness.



This class is designed specifically for pre-natal AND post-partum women and is taught by a certified prenatal teacher. A low impact workout for a pregnant body that will strengthen your pelvic floor and keep your body strong and fit. Relaxation and breathing techniques for stress reduction are taught which will help with pain relief and assistance in delivery and post-partum recovery.  Relieve discomfort, improve circulation and feel more energized and stress free in this supportive community with others going through this experience.  Husbands/partners welcome to join class for this journey.  No experience necessary.




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