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My Yoga Philosophy

My goal is to provide a haven whereby the body, mind and soul can find a sense of balance - harmony. I invite you to seek that balance with me so that we can more fully embrace all that life has to offer.

Having been trained through the YogaFit program I teach this vinyasa style of yoga in which poses (asanas) are linked together to create greater flexibility, strength, endurance and balance. The word "vinyasa" means to "place in a special way." Following principles of alignment to achieve the maximum benefit from the poses and reduce the risk of injury, my classes are designed to bring yoga to everybody, regardless of age and physical needs. Students are guided to listen to their bodies and feel each pose, to let go of competition, expectations and self judgement and to stay in the present moment. Respecting our bodies is key to a yoga practice. Breath awareness (pranayama) is an important part of my classes, matching movement with breath.

I believe in the benefits of the YogaFit format of classes - starting with an adequate warm-up, moving through Sun Salutations, going into the "work phase" poses, doing balancing poses that bring the heart rate down, and then ending with deep stretching in seated or supine poses while the body is warmest. Classes finish with a guided final relaxation and meditation (dhyana). Your yoga practice will improve functioning of respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and hormonal systems, enhancing emotional stability and clarity of mind.

There is no "perfect pose." I feel it is important to give clear cues for the poses, to demonstrate, and also circulate, providing individual suggestions and gentle alignment to optimize the yoga experience.

A high priority for me is to create a warm, inviting atmosphere; a quiet, comfortable space with candles and soothing music to calm and become centered. I teach using inclusive language making students feel a sense of a yoga community. When your mind is calm your body can relax and when you can relax your mind and body you can bring greater harmony and health to yourself.

I hope to share in your yoga journey and be your guide along this path.



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